Spring clean in Rectory Farm Pocket Park

Join us on Saturday 7th April between 2-4pm in the Pocket Park for our delayed Great British Spring Clean. Meet at the top of Cransley Walk opposite Olden Road between Allard Close and Ermine Road.

Children under 8 to be accompanied by Parent/Guardian. Equipment provided. Please dress appropriately.

We apologise for our lack of updates on our blog. Our activities page has been updated with this years activities. In February we had our AGM. Take a look at our Rectory Farm Pocket Park Annual Report February 18

Back on Saturday 7th October 2017 a group of 8 attended including 2 children. Keith & Richard cleared a log jam in the stream at the back of the pond & then joined John by the seats to uncover the rest of the paving. There were several suggestions about how to use the area. Something to think about for future projects maybe.

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    Claire dunn said,

    Can we have a clean up of all the areas? Not just the pocket park and en educational drive from local schools in not throwing and dropping litter in first place! Nobody takes pride in the environment anymore… I’m embarrised that so much rubbish as I turn into fellmead road…ive been round myself and collected it… but I’ve started new job, and don’t have the free time.. it’s heartbreaking 😢

    • 2

      Hello Claire. This is Rectory Farm Pocket Park group. I recognise your frustration but we only cover Rectory Farm Pocket Park and it’s fringes due to the limited number of volunteers we have. We can only do what we can do and we have a very full programme to keep on top of. The Junior Warden scheme has been run in the school in the recent past with the local Neighbourhood Warden which educates years 5/6. You make your own point in stating you don’t have the time. It is local volunteers who do what they can do and depends on their free time. The new Borough Council grounds maintenance, rubbish and recycling contract comes into force in June. The boxes are being done away with in favour of a mixed recycling bin. The Borough Council are also trialling new enforcement options by issuing fines etc. You may want to contact Rectory Farm Residents Association about other areas. Sorry but we are volunteers specifically maintaining a long Pocket Park with not just litter to tackle. We are the ones who cut back bushes, maintain the paths etc.

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