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Bats & clean ups

41 people of all ages attended our Bat Walk with Juliette Butler from the Wildlife Trust, on a perfect warm and calm evening. Juliette introduced all the different types of bat we were likely to hear and see and handed out 6 Bat Detectors for us to use. We headed off towards the marsh picking up the sound of an early Pipistrelle and a Noctule bat flying high over the trees. Gradually other bats emerged and we headed back to the pond to watch the Daubentons bats skimming over the water which was bouncing with insects. One of our regulars, who shall be nameless, fell asleep, and didn’t make it to the Bat Walk, but in the middle of the night had a little bat visitor in the bedroom. It seems that bats don’t like to be ignored!

For our next Work Party this Saturday 7th September, 10am-12 Midday, we’ll be working by the pond, having a general tidy up.

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Bat walk this Saturday

This Saturday 3rd August we will be having a Family Bat Walk in the evening, starting at 8.30pm by the pond, led by Juliette Butler from The Wildlife Trust. She will be providing six Bat Detectors for our use. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Six attended our last Work party at the top of the park on a sultry morning. Neil strimmed the weeds alongside the path and then met up with David to erect the second Owl Box donated by Sue Dartnell in memory of her husband, in the Conservation Area opposite Bentley Close. Matt, Jackie and Anne cleared the weeds from the path and Matt trimmed the overhanging branches. We then had a general litter pick of the area.


P.S. Please be aware of small hedgehogs out and about during the day and ensure they are left alone to do their own thing.

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All of a flutter… bats & butterflies

We had a perfect evening for our Family Bat Walk on Saturday night (1st August) which encouraged 46 people including 15 children and 2 dogs to attend! Jane Pearson from the Wildlife Trust fielded many interesting bat related questions before handing out 6 bat detectors and then we made our way along to the marsh and back to the pond. The bats were just starting to emerge as we passed the line of oak trees at about 9pm. Eventually 4 different types of bat were detected. First the larger noctules, then 2 different kinds of tiny pipistrelles and finally the daubentons which fly over the pond and snatch insects from the surface.

From Anne our coordinator – ‘…..The butterflies were quite spectacular. I think they are mainly large white females and green veined whites taking the salts etc that they need from some horse manure. It’s good to know that it’s useful for something! The flower is toadflax which grows under the hedge at the bottom of Allard Close…..’

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