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The things we find in the Pocket Park

For our next Work Party on Saturday 7th July 2-4pm we’ll start by litter picking at the top of Cransley Walk, opposite Olden Road and work our way down to the marsh. Then we have the option of weeding the path or trimming the overhanging branches alongside the path and around the dog bins.

We have had some good news from NBC who are proposing to use some section 106 money (from developers) to fund replacing the top layer of the new section of path near Bridleways to make it smoother for motor buggies and pushchairs and also to install a safety rail on the steeper side and replace the dog bin to make it more accessible.

We had another sunny day for our Pond Work Party on the Saturday 9th June with 8 attending, including 2 children. Neil and John heroically had another attempt to remove the garden Pond Liner from the lake and this time were successful. They cut up the liner into small pieces and we were very grateful to Richard who picked up the pieces later and took them to the tip. We were also very grateful to a man who was trimming the hedge in Shapewood Walk and offered to collect up some dog rose trimmings which had been overhanging the path. The girls did some litter picking and Jane, Judith & Anne weeded by the Notice Board & Seats. On the way home we disturbed a very pretty Ermine Moth.

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Rectory Farm Pocket Park survey

Last year through grant funding we improved access and carried out remedial path repairs in parts of Rectory Farm Pocket Park. We would love to have your feedback.

Please complete this short survey by  clicking on this link Rectory Farm Ramble Revisited – The survey will close at 7pm next Saturday 28th April.

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Path improvements on the way

Great news! We recently were successful with a grant application for funding to improve paths in the Pocket Park. We thank all residents who completed the survey earlier this year and especially your comments. The grant was awarded by Northamptonshire Community Foundation’s First for Wellbeing Fund click here to find out more

Our local Councillors James Hill (Northampton Borough Council) and Andrew Kilbride (Northamptonshire County Council) have to agreed to provide some match funding through the Councillor Empowerment funds.


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Planting, trimming & milestones

This coming Saturday 5th September we will be planting and tidying up around the big pond, please join us, see poster below.

We recently hit a milestone for this blog, over 100 posts since it was started in April 2011 to promote the ‘Rectory Farm Ramble’ Lottery project. Take a look through our archive to see more of what we have done over the years since this blog was started. Rectory Farm Pocket Park group started in 2003 and became official in 2004, over Ten years and we hope you’ll agree that our beautiful park continues to be a gem for our community. Many different hands have helped shape the Pocket Park over the years, please consider becoming another set of hands in the history of our Pocket Park.

Poster for Pond Work Party (new) 05-09-15-page-001

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Pocket Park Developments & Northampton in Bloom


Preparation for Northampton in Bloom

We had another fine day to work in the park a couple of  Saturday’s ago with lots of butterflies and dragonflies making an appearance. The men did path work again, putting in a little drainage channel to divert storm water from washing down the path from Cransley Walk. In the process they disturbed a rather spectacular Oak Eggar Moth (see photo.) The ladies tidied up around the seats by the marsh and the oak avenue and then weeded under the seats to the right of the pond, topping up the wood chip mulch afterwards.

Oak Eggar Moth

Oak Eggar Moth

The Park will be judged on Monday for the Northampton in Bloom competition so there will be some last minute tidying up on Saturday afternoon which you are welcome to join in with & if you do see litter when your in the park, please put it in a bin.


Pocket Park Art Project

We’ve had the new signs in the Park for a few weeks now. The team have just received the planning permission for a new bridge across the brook so we look forward to this going in later in the summer.

Bridge Design

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Work Party

We are meeting in the Pocket Park Next Saturday at 2pm

Pocket Park 7th June Session All are welcome, feel free to come even if it’s  just for a chat. It’s also a great opportunity to come and see the new Pocket Park signs that were installed last week.

We hope to see you there.

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Progress on the Pocket Park Project

The first of the new signs for the Pocket Park are being installed this week in Rectory Farm, Bridleways and in the Park.

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Thanks to Tim Ward and his team….

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